G-SIG members conducted Design Graphic Training with Canvas

G-SIG took a proactive step in enhancing its member resource capacity by organizing a Graphic Design Training using Canvas. On June 16, 2023, the association initiated a collaborative effort, inviting Mr. Leo to impart valuable skills in graphic design to G-SIG members through the Canvas website and software.

This marked the first training session conducted by G-SIG members, aligning with the association's strategic plan for capacity building. Unlike previous OpenStreetMap (OSM)-focused exercises for students at UNTL University, this training aimed to bolster the graphic design proficiency of G-SIG members.

The program reflects G-SIG's commitment to diversifying skill sets within the association, equipping members with tools like Canvas for effective graphic design. As a pivotal step in their capacity-building initiatives, this training sets the stage for further skill development and collaboration within G-SIG.

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