G-SIG team join Metiaut Field Mapping Data Collection with Feto Engenheria 2023

Metiaut, an area perennially beset by flooding during heavy rains, remains a focal point in the ongoing Feto Enginhera project centered around open mapping through OpenStreetMap.

Feto Enginhera, in collaboration with G-SIG, embarked on a five-day initiative to collect data concerning critical infrastructure in the region, spanning three Aldeias—namely Aldeia 17 de Abril, Aldeia Fatucam, and Aldeia Carungulau.

Across this first three-day period, approximately 160 objects were documented, representing diverse infrastructure types such as economic facilities, education facilities, governance facilities, and more. Subsequently, the collected data was uploaded to OpenStreetMap for public access.

The primary objective of this village mapping initiative is twofold: firstly, to directly assess the real-time conditions in the field related to flooding and corroborate this information with the local community concerning floods and other natural disasters in the area. Secondly, the project aims to identify the state of existing infrastructure and evaluate its resilience during mass floods or natural disasters.

During days 4 and 5, the focus shifted to data entry, analysis, and visualization using JOSM and QGIS. Participants, displaying remarkable enthusiasm, formed groups to scrutinize the data, utilizing QGIS tools like the InaSAFE Plugin. These groups generated maps of the area, incorporating various object types and additional information related to field data. The maps they crafted are showcased below.

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