OpenStreetMap as a Career and Platform in Disaster Management and Preparedness Workshop

On May 5, 2023, G-SIG organized a workshop at Pusat Budaya Indonesia Dili, focusing on the application of OpenStreetMap (OSM) in disaster management and preparedness. The theme of the workshop was "OpenStreetMap as a Career and Platform for Disaster Management and Preparedness". The event featured a presentation by Mr. Can Unen, a representative from Open Mapping Hub Asia-Pacific, shedding light on the career opportunities within OpenStreetMap.

Additionally, Mr. Clonido, a project officer from Similie, contributed insights into the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology from Similie applied in Disaster Emergency Response, with a particular emphasis on leveraging OSM data.

The workshop encompassed various activities, including informative presentations, hands-on digitalization practices utilizing OSM, and an engaging OSM quiz designed for participants. Nearly 100 students and members of volunteer organizations from Dili actively participated in this enlightening event, exploring the potential of OpenStreetMap as a valuable tool in disaster management and preparedness. This event was supported by Open Mapping Hub Asia-Pacific and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and in Collaboration with PBI-Dili for venue support.

The collaborative efforts of G-SIG, Open Mapping Hub Asia-Pacific, and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team showcased the practical applications of OpenStreetMap, highlighting its significance as both a career path and a platform for effective disaster response.

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